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The Online Academy for Classical Music & More is a platform representing high-profile and renowned artists.  This institution is the first charity Online Academy for classical music & more and was designed by Albert Abrahamian, President of Lions Club Vienna MozART, founded in 2010  to give opportunity to get in contact with Master soloists of classical music to learn by this exceptional artists, no matter where they are.

The Online Academy extended its services with international show events by Tom & Domino Blue in the areas of: percussion, conceptional singing, dancing, show design and show enhanced effect and also availed projects for crossover.

The first crossover event of the Online Academy for Classical Music & More was held as an open air event with Tom & Domino Blue - Drumatical  Theatre and the international violist and professor for viola, Anna Serova on 13 September 2013, in the city of Salzburg. 

The preservation and conservation of the traditions on the one hand and the development of various art movements on the other characterize the many possibilities of this Academy.

In this sense, we are not a school facility, but a training- orientation-and experiential Academy with high-profile artists-personalities. 

 Domino Blue & Anna Serova (Viola)




Classical Music:

German version: English version:  
Misha Quint, Cello Misha Quint, Cello  
German version: English version:    
Tatyana Ryzhkova Tatyana Ryzhkova    
German version: English version:  
Anna Serova Anna Serova  
Alexander Zemtsov Alexander Zemtsov  

Show Events: Percussion-Show Effects-Conceptional Singing-Dancing-Show Design


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